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All Neoprene / Floprene products have been specifically designed to be washed. Recommended instructions are either hand or machine wash in a mild detergent at 40c. (in the case of our hinged braces we recommend that the hinges are first removed via their retaining pockets before washing)

Care Instructions:-
The following instructions apply to items containing Floprene & Standard Neoprene.

(i) Hand or machine wash in water below 40 Celsius.
(ii) Mild detergent may be used.
(iii) Do not tumble-dry.
(iv) Do not dry clean.
(v) Do not store in temperatures exceeding 40 Celsius.
(vi) Do not store in direct sunlight.
(vii) Do not store under heavy compression.
(viii) All Velcro straps where fitted should be reattached and connected so as not to become entangled.

Question 1

Can I wear these items whilst participating in water sport activities?

Yes: Our range is designed to be worn during just about any activity, even fresh or salt water activities.

(In salt water environments, ensure that after use, all Hinges or Stays where possible are removed and rinsed in clear tap water to remove any salt residue.)

Question 2

Can I wash "Isogel" GEL inserts ?

All ISOGEL shoe insert products have been specifically designed to be washed. Recommended wash instructions: hand wash only in warm water with a mild detergent.