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What is the difference between Standard Neoprene and Floprene® ?

Both types of materials used in these products have a base material of neoprene which is a sponge rubber material which after repeated use will always return back to its original shape. The basic difference being is that for use up to 1- 2 hours our standard range is comfortable over this time frame. For extended use over 2 hours and for greater comfort over extended and varying climatic conditions our Floprene® range is highly recommended.


Neoprene (Polychloroprene) is an extremely versatile synthetic rubber with almost seventy years of proven performance in a broad industry spectrum. Due to its excellent thermal properties and flexibility, Neoprene is used primarily in the sporting and medical industries.

In the manufacture of Proline products, this high quality sponge rubber, laminated with a four way stretch fabric on its outer surface, is then inner lined with Super-plush towelling giving increased user comfort, and an excellent thermo-insulative barrier. Although you may see other companies offering similar products at lower prices, the chances are that they are using an inferior, industrial version that does not have the same thermal qualities or stretch ability. In the long term, this cheaper fabric degenerates, allowing the core material to break down into crumb. The outer lining is then likely to peel away. Proline products are manufactured using only the highest quality, genuine Neoprene. In fact we use only the best available raw materials, for all our merchandise.


Floprene® is a highly efficient DUAL FLOW BREATHABLE fabric system that allows a two-way migration of air through the fabric core with high tensile strength, while being very flexible and

During the tri-lamination manufacture of Floprene® the inner lining material (Neoprene) is re-processed creating a series of small perforations within the inner lining prior to being laminated with its outer covering materials. This in effect creates a breathable thermal barrier between the body and atmosphere by having a double knit outer layer that breathes and an inner lining material of super plush towelling against the skin. The fine open weave fabric creates a micro-air gap between itself and the skin, aiding air circulation, yet still reflecting the body's natural heat back into the surrounding tissue areas. The perforations allow excess moisture to escape and take in cooling air. The main advantage of Floprene® is that during long periods of wear or strenuous activities the core perforation system opens and closes during movement, helping to circulate air, while affording a good all round comfort factor. Another advantage is that Floprene® is suitable for use in varying climatic conditions.

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Warning please note:-

Floprene® and Standard Neoprene contain a synthetic rubber known as Neoprene (polychloroprene). It has been recognised that Neoprene has the potential to cause possible irritation allergic type skin reactions. If you have previously experienced such a reaction to Neoprene, you should not wear these products. If when wearing this product you experience an itching skin rash, or irritation the product should be removed immediately and you should consult a medical practitioner.