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Proline Neoprene INSTANT HEAT Back Support Reusable Pad

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Neoprene INSTANT HEAT Back Support & Reusable Pad

Neoprene INSTANT HEAT Back Support & Reusable Pad - PH10PROLINE Supports

This robust high quality padded back support comes complete with our INSTANT HEAT PAD and is fitted with a robust foam insert. Designed to provide Instant Warmth, with maximum support and cover, irrespective of individual lower back shape.

These reusable instant heat therapy pads have been developed by sportsmen, coaches, physiotherapists and sport therapists.

They are rechargeable heat pads that you can use time and again.

Excellent for Muscular, Aches and pains, poor circulation, Outdoor Activities and Sports Injuries.

Use for instant warmth to relieve Aches and Pains.

The Heat therapy pad provides reusable instant heat making it particularly useful for outdoor or indoor use.

High quality robust lower back support brace that is extremely comfortable to wear.

Neoprene INSTANT HEAT Back Support & Reusable Pad

Includes removable high density soft memory foam insert at 10mm thickness, together with 1x Instant Heat Pad. It provides full support and cover irrespective of the individual shape to the lower back. Fully Supportive Lower Back / Kidney Belt covers vital areas and aids posture control. Manufactured from 3mm neoprene provides excellent thermal benefits and with a superplush toweling lining for comfort, its unique design allows infinite user adjustment.

Can also be used to help provide extra protection to soft tissue injuries.

Utilizes a well proven multi adjustable hook & loop closure system.

The Instant Heat Back Support is designed to provide comfort by providing warmth, compression and support. Eases aches & pains.

Provides relief for ailments and minor sporting injuries commonly associated with:

  • Strains
  • Sprains
  • Arthritic conditions
  • Aches & Pains

Hand Wrap Features:

  • Heat Pads Re Usable time and again
  • High Heat Capacity
  • Instant Warmth Therapy
  • Ideal for Indoor or Outdoor Use
  • Pads completely Safe & Non Toxic
  • Convenient
  • Comfort and good compression.
  • Adjustable hook and loop strap for infinite compression adjustment.
  • Use as a stand alone compressive support
  • Designed for all activities.
  • Easy wrap design.

What you can expect from the Instant Heat Back Support :-

The Back support is designed to be comfortable when worn yet providing good warmth, support and compression to the surrounding areas. It provides relief for minor injuries and ailments.

Eases aches & pains.


Simply activate by clicking the small disc inside the Heat Therapy Pad, automatically within a few seconds the fluid crystallizes and reaches a temperature of approx 50° C (120°F). Heat is generated and stays warm for up to 2 hours *.

To Re-charge simply boil for around 5mins in a pan of water until the crystals melt, allow to cool and the Heat therapy pad is ready to use again and again.

If care is taken the Heat therapy pad is re-usable 100's of time.

The pads are safe and non toxic due to the innovative use of the salt based solution, Sodium Acetate.

(* subject to external ambient temperature )

Additional INSTANT HEAT THERAPY PADS can be ordered NOW, allows one pad to be used whilst re-charging the spare. Just 9.95 each, See GH03.


Heat Therapy

Heat is generally used for chronic injuries or injuries that have no inflammation or swelling. Sore, stiff, nagging muscle, back or joint pain is ideal for the use of heat therapy. It can be used for Chronic pain or injuries and before exercise to increase the elasticity of joint connective tissues and to stimulate blood flow.

Heat can also help relax tight or muscles in spasm. Don't apply heat after exercise.
Because heat increases circulation and raises skin temperature, you should not apply heat to acute injuries or injuries that show signs of inflammation.

Because some injuries can be serious, you should see your doctor if your injury does not improve.

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Neoprene INSTANT HEAT Back Support & Reusable Pad


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